Burg Eltz and Pyrmonter Mühle

As I am saying Tchüss to Deutschland a lot sooner than expected, Tina and Benni were kind enough to show me a couple more sights before my departure. Last Thursday we ventured south to visit the lovely Burg Eltz and Pyrmonter Mühle. Burg Eltz is DSC07483one of those fairy tale castles you dream of as a little kid or, in my case, as an adult searching for the real live Hogwarts. The walk down to the castle was lovely; the surrounding valley filled with bursts of red, orange, and yellow as the leaves change for fall. There are nice hiking trails around the castle and a restaurant inside to take in the beautiful views of the Moselle Valley. We, unfortunately, did not go inside the castle, because we wanted the chance to see Pyrmonter Mühle as well, but I have been told it is worth the 9 euro fee (tours are offered in English). Instead we explored the outskirts of the castle, let Loki play in the river (taking Tina with her at one point), and admired the enchanting exterior. About a twenty minute drive back in the direction of Ramersbach we stopped to see the lovely Pyrmonter Mühle and make the 2.9km hike up to Burg Pyrmont. The sights were beautiful and the hike was relaxing. It’s the perfect length for families or people who don’t necessarily enjoy hiking (ahem, Benni). To finish up our day of sightseeing we stopped at the Vulkan Brauhaus to have dinner and pick up some local beers. It was a nice way to spend a day with friends, and I managed to pick up some last minute souvenirs!







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