Coffee, Castles, Cochem

DSC07536This past Tuesday Tina, Benni, Loki, and I made the hour drive to this incredible little town on the Moselle known as Cochem. It’s one of those places that lives up to all the pictures on Pinterest and more (queue you searching Cochem on Pinterest). The quaint cobblestone streets and old German houses line the Moselle with the castle like a postcard backdrop. Once we took in the first views of the town we grabbed some tasty cappuccinos and made the ten minute walk up to the castle. Since we missed the inside of Burg Eltz we paid the 5 euro entrance fee for the guided tour of Burg Cochem (bonus: dogs are allowed in the castle). The tour lasted roughly thirty minutes and was in German so you could say I didn’t understand much except “Wilkommen.”  Therefore I can’t speak much to the history of the castle, but I can speak to it’s beauty, inside and out. I have visited a DSC07596couple of castles throughout Europe and have found them a little disappointing, but I appreciated the original wallpaper, decor, and furniture in this castle. The views surrounding the walls were lovely as well. Once the tour was complete we stopped in the cafe to warm up and have some delicious apfelstrudel and then headed back to town to shop. There is an endless number of wine cellars and shops to purchase wine made right there in the Moselle Valley and most of them sell food as well. Tina and I picked up a couple of bottles for about 6 euro each. We finished up the day in this great little chocolate shop where I reluctantly handed over my last 20 euro for chocolate truffles that better change my parent’s lives.



DSC07524 DSC07554







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