Lousiana: Just Two Bros in NOLA


So I am finally taking the time to sit down and write my blog post for, what was, an epic and eventful trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. What spurred such a trip was my bro up and deciding to take a job in Baton Rouge about a week before we were moving apartments. Naturally this made for the perfect excuse to plan a last minute Memorial Day weekend trip to see him. Within a matter of what felt like 5 minutes, a group of 7 of us booked our trip. In this post I will disclose my favorite experiences from the trip and why NOLA now reigns as my favorite city in the US.

I will start with accommodation. I am a hostel person through and through, so my best friend Alex and myself(the poorest of the group) booked the IHSP French Quarter House; a beautiful, old french quarter house right across from Louis Armstrong park. The hostel is in walking distance to all the major tourist points in New Orleans and offers a quaint kitchen and back patio to get to know fellow hostel mates. They also offer breakfast and a bloody mary bar on  weekends. As two female travelers we felt very safe/comfortable and also enjoyed the historic nature of the building. For those hostel haters out there, the rest of the group stayed at the Marriot-New Orleans French Quarter; a standard hotel for a reasonable price directly around the corner from Bourbon Street. air boat bro

Now, on to the touristy things. Our first night we made our way over to Bourbon Street. I can only describe it as something I am happy the have experienced once and never to have to experience again-Imagine a cheap version of Vegas with less attractive hookers and a barbaric mix of wealthy people too drunk to stand up falling on top of homeless people. I recommend taking a walk down this street once for the experience and moving on to better areas of the city. As for better areas of the city, we spent a lot of time on Frenchman Street at night. It had a more authentic New Orleans feel and a lot of great music. During the day we kayaked on the bayou (frying two I-phones along the way) and ventured outside the city for an airboat tour with Airboat Tours by Arthuer Matherne. Our tour guide, Jeremy, was hysterical and very knowledgable about the surrounding swamps. Other highlights included the Carrousel Bar, a carriage ride around the city at night, and the Hurricane Katrina Museum.cafe

For food I would say venture over to Cafe’ Du Monde to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy the classic beignet dessert-Get in line early so you don’t spend your whole day waiting for a table. Our best meal was at Cochon on Tchoupitoulas St. I HIGHLY recommend stopping here for great service and an even better meal. The food was to die for (get the oysters) and our waitress was incredible. One of the couples we were with was celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary and they brought out champaign, an extra round of oysters, and a sample of all of their desserts- on the house. Make sure to try a Po’ Boy and Crawfish before leaving the city as well.

Overall, we spent 4 nights in New Orleans and I fell in love with every aspect of the city. If you are looking for a european feel in the US, this is where you will find it for a much more reasonably priced flight.

nola 1

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