Just Two Bros Hit the Mighty 5

Our 2017 Christmas trip took us to the lovely state of Utah. Starting in Salt Lake we planned to head to Canyonlands and work our way through all 5 National parks ending in Las Vegas. With 9 days ahead of us we booked a rental car and took off with no agenda.

Salt Lake City


  • Stopping at Rite Aid twice, because Whitney A needed all the drugs.
  • Eating the  tastiest food at Red Iguana.


Days Spent: 3 Days

Districts Visited: Needles and Island in the Sky

Hikes: Druid Arch, Grand View Point, and Mesa Arch


  • Dope train pics.
  • Cows  everywhere.
  • Playing land mines for hours on the back roads of Island in the Sky.
  • Getting back to the car after the 17 mile hike to see Druid Arch.
  • Being the only people around for miles in the Needles district.
  • Our car camp-site.
  • Mad-libs.


Days Spent: 1 Day

“Hikes”:  Double Arch, Delicate Arch, Broken Arch, and Window’s Loop


  • Getting to the park before the Visitor Center opened.
  • Sprinting to Delicate Arch, Coors Lites in tow, to beat the crowds of people starting the hike #nophotobombers.
  • Not having to walk further than a mile to see anything.

Capitol Reef

Days Spent: 2 Days

Hikes: Sulphur Creek


  • Hiking 10 miles in the wrong direction and having to be driven back to our car by a nice lady at the only hotel open for miles.
  • Nothing.

Bryce Canyon

Days Spent: 1.5 Days

Hikes: Fairyland Canyon


  • Staying in a hotel with a hot tub and pool.
  • Eating warm dinners at that hotel.
  • Having a hike actually go as planned.
  • Dancing on rocks.
  • Drinking Coors-Lite overlooking the canyons.

Zion National Park (Part 2)

Days Spent: 1.5 Days

Hikes: The Narrows


  • Finally getting to hike the narrows!
  • Hanging out at Zion Brewery.
  • Realizing that Zion refuses to let us go-part 3 coming soon.

Las Vegas


  • The Zip-line on Fremont Street.
  • Neon Boneyard.
  • Drinking a lovely frozen drink out of an asinine leg lamp cup.

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