Eric A’s Bucket List

Things to do before I’m dead:

Visit all 59 U.S. National Parks by age 40.

Ride Dune Buggys in the desert with paintball guns.


Fly in an F-16 Tomcat “Top Gun” style.

Explore Alaska

Visit New Zealand

Cliff Dive

Get Diving certified

Meet Dante Moncrief & T.Y. Hilton

 Have my own Tiki Bar

Figure out how to keep my cats from shedding.

Visit the Galapagos

Sit in a lodge with a beautiful view sipping hot chocolate in flannel pajamas

Be financially stable

Visit “Cat Island” in Japan

Visit as many abandoned places as possible

Lay somewhere tropical with a thatched roof & watch it rain

Start a wedding DJ business

Have a pitbull

Never listen to Dave Matthews Band (perfect record so far)

Race a Nascar race in GO Karts

Get a straight razor shave

Cave dive


Work on the BBC show “Planet Earth”

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