Trip Planning

Welcome to Whitney A’s latest endeavor.

What to Expect:

Full-service trip planning including pre-planning, budgeting, a comprehensive itinerary, 1 on 1 booking sessions, and wine.

What I need from you: 

This survey

Example Itineraries:

Costa Rica, a 7 Day Itinerary

Croatia with a London Stopover, a 10 Day Itinerary

Greece and Sicily, an 11 Day Honeymoon

A Taste of Italy: Rome, Tuscany, Puglia, and the Amalfi Coast in 8 Days


4 Comments on “Trip Planning

  1. Vince and I had the most amazing trip of our lives! Whitney was there for us 24 hours to help answer any questions we had throughout the way. She advised us to go places we would have never thought of. Ostuni was hands down the best part of our trip and we wouldn’t have gone without this advice. She also made the trip so personal to us to make sure we did everything we wanted and more. I would 100% recommend using this company for the best trip ever!

  2. Last year I planned on taking New Years Resolution fueled trip out of the country for the first time—Whitney helped me pick from three amazing destinations. However, due to a last minute Travel Advisory my plans had to be adjusted. Whitney wasted no time making sure that I had a jam packed, personally tailored agenda sent to me for my all new trip to COSTA RICA! Drawing from personal contacts, research, and expertise, Whitney sent me hiking, sightseeing, to an animal sanctuary, and all with enough time in between to relax and enjoy taking in my surroundings at my own pace. Whitney listens to your needs as a traveler, pushing you just far enough outside of your comfort zone to have adventure without putting any stress on you during your relaxing vacation. I can’t wait to continue using her services to plan my travel and highly recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you Just Two Bros Travel!

  3. My husband and I had the honeymoon of our dreams thanks to Whitney! It may have seemed crazy to some, but my husband and I gave Whitney the reigns and essentially had her plan our entire honeymoon for us with only 3 stipulations:
    1. Must be 2 weeks split between Greece & Sicily
    2. The perfect balance of busy & relaxing
    3. A budget
    The rest was truly in the hands of Whitney and she exceeded all of our expectations. Whitney was so easy and accommodating to work with. She’s also well versed in travel planning through her own experiences so she gave great advice and suggestions along the way. She was able to plan and execute a beautiful and special honeymoon while always remaining conscientious of our budget. Whitney provided us with an entire itinerary that we lived by while abroad. It consisted of all our boarding passes, tickets, reservation confirmations, receipts, even print outs of google maps directions in case our cell phone data plans failed us while on the road in our rental car in Sicily. Our itinerary booklet was so impeccably helpful that my husband and I prioritized “not losing it” as high as our own passports! The ease of not adding planning a trip to our list of things to do while planning a wedding was invaluable to us. We trusted Whitney with something so very important and she nailed it. If you don’t enjoy planning your own travels or you’re simply overwhelmed on where to begin, I highly recommend working with Whitney! You’ll be glad you did. Thanks Whitney and Just Two Bros Travel!!

  4. My husband and I did 5 weeks in Europe didn’t have to think about anything
    Or plan anything we were handed a packet before we left which was like having our own Personal Tour Guide while we were there. It was such an amazing fulfilling trip as well. We did so much and saw so much while we were there a Thanks to Whitney. Plus we love to be near the water so so much of the trip was planned around water which was awesome we saw so many different bodies of water while we were there which we would have never done had it not been for Whitney. We went to Croatia, and got to see Plitvice Lakes, our Air B&B had a wide open view of The Adriatic Sea among so many other things,England, Nice France , A Yacht Show in Monaco talk about a James Bond Expierience The Hairpin
    Scotland my husband got to golf St Andrews. We went to Ireland the Wicklow Mountains stayed in a little Cabin on The Wild Atlantic and Switzerland, Lake Lucerne our Air B&B. That she booked for us our bedroom had a full view of The Swiss Alps. The Vatican , where our Air B&B was literally a building away from The Vatican. The list goes on and on but I’m just gonna say it was The trip of a Lifetime
    Of so many places that we would have never seen had it not been for Whitney😉. Thank you Just Two Bro’s Travel.

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